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Delta Governing Council (DGC)

According to the provision of BDP 2100, Delta Governing Council (DGC), a high-level ministerial policy-making forum chaired by the Hon'ble Prime Minister has already been set up, and gazette notification has been issued. The Hon’ble Minister, Ministry of Planning, is the Vice Chairman of DGC. The respective Hon’ble Ministers, Ministry of Agriculture; Ministry of Finance; Ministry of Food; Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change; and Ministry of Land are the members of DGC. In addition, the respective Hon’ble Ministers/State Ministers, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock; Ministry of Shipping; Ministry of Water Resources; Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief are members of DGC. Also a Member from General Economics Division, Bangladesh Planning Commission is the Member Secretary of DGC.

a. The Scope of Work of the Delta Governing Council is as follows:

  • Implement the ‘Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100’ through policy making, decision making, strategic advice and direction
  • Provide guidance in updating the ‘Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100’
  • Implement the ‘Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100’ Investment Planning through policy making and strategic direction
  • Provide strategic direction to setup the Delta Fund as well as in using the fund

b. The council will organize at least one meeting every year

c. The council can co-opt a new member, if required

d. The General Economics Division of Bangladesh Planning Commission will provide secretarial assistance to the council