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Urban Resilience

The Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 is an integrated strategic response to climate change. Multiple ministries are involved in the BDP 2100 strategies, investment planning and implementation. The various hotspot strategies are implemented by various Ministries, such as the Ministry of Planning, Water Resources, Finance, Agriculture, Environment and Forests, Fisheries and Livestock, Land, Shipping, to name the most important ones. In addition, the BDP2100 also aims to contribute to climate proofing of urban areas. The BDP2100 document contains a strategy dedicated to urban areas. But for the implementation, it is required to ‘sensitize’ municipalities (large and small) and to create commitment and a sense of urgency from the bottom up.

SIBDP2100 aims to further scale up an approach to accelerate urban resilience. This approach utilizes experiences from the ‘Physical and socio-economic vulnerability assessments under the Livelihoods Improvement of Urban Poor Communities Project (UNDP) as well as successfully implemented approaches for 5 Asian and 4 African megacities within the global C40 cities network. This resulted in the Rapid Climate Risk Assessment (Rapid-CRA) approach, which will be piloted in the cities of Kushtia and Sunamjganj. The aim of the pilot is to test whether the approach is promising to be scaled up and implemented widely in Bangladesh. We aim to collect feedback from the city and the city stakeholders and we aim to identify the needs and requirements for scaling up the approach to the whole of Bangladesh. The below map presents the results for the cities that have completed the climate risk assessment and more examples will be added in due time.