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The Delta Atlas

The Delta Atlas gives an overview of available data layers on floods, droughts, water quality under climate change. The purpose of the Delta Atlas is to provide an overview of the most important maps to support planners but can also used for educational purposes for example (see for example the MOOC that was developed for Adaptive Delta Management). Implementing agencies involved with the implementation of the BDP2100 will hopefully utilize the Delta Atlas to get an quick overview of the most important water related hazards in the various parts of the country.

The atlas has an interactive legend. Users can view various maps by change the background layers, select maps, and scroll through the legend. The purpose is to study the Bangladesh delta, to analyze and view the various aspects that are relevant for long term delta planning. Zooming and drawing is however not possible in this tool. Most layers from the atlas are also available in the Data Layers viewer.Accessible online: Click here

Climate change is one of the drivers of change and needs to be considered during the implementation of the BDOP2100. The atlas contains climate projections for a relatively low emission concentration pathway: RCP4.5, as well as a high end emission pathway, RCP8.5. Six global climate models were used, and results are presented for a number of climate indicators. The atlas allows for easy navigation through the scenarios and should help users to obtain a quick overview of the impacts of climate change.